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Whole Home Generators in Bend & Redmond, Oregon

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Whole Home Generators

Central Oregon Heating proudly offers Whole Home Generators services to homeowners in Bend, Redmond, and all of Central Oregon.

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Central Oregon Heating specializes in standby generator installation and repair services in Bend and Redmond, Oregon. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your home or business remains powered and secure during outages. We provide reliable and efficient generator solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Whether it’s installation of a new standby generator or repairs to an existing one, trust us for top-notch service. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our clients, offering comprehensive solutions that guarantee power continuity in Central Oregon. Count on Central Oregon Heating for dependable standby generator services in Bend and Redmond, Oregon.

What is a Whole Home Generator and How Does it Work?

A whole home generator is a backup power system that is permanently installed in your home. It provides electricity during a power outage, ensuring that your essential appliances and systems continue to function. Whole home generators are typically powered by natural gas or liquid propane and are connected to your home’s electrical system through an automatic transfer switch.

When a power outage occurs, the automatic transfer switch detects the loss of electricity from the power grid and signals the generator to start. The generator then begins to generate electricity and transfers it to your home’s electrical panel, providing power to your entire house. Once the power from the grid is restored, the automatic transfer switch switches the power source back to the grid and shuts down the generator.

Whole Home Generator Services We Offer

Generator Installation

Our team at Central Oregon Heating specializes in standby generator installation. We will assess your home’s electrical needs and recommend the right size and type of generator for you. 

Our experienced technicians will handle the entire installation process, ensuring that your generator is properly connected to your electrical system and meets all safety requirements. With our expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that your standby generator will be installed correctly and ready to provide backup power when you need it most.

Generator Repair & Maintenance

In addition to installation, we also offer standby generator repair and maintenance services. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your generator in top condition and ensure its reliable performance during power outages. 

Our skilled technicians will inspect and service your generator, checking for any issues and making necessary repairs. We recommend annual maintenance to keep your generator running smoothly and extend its lifespan. Should any problems arise, our team is available to provide prompt and efficient repairs to get your generator up and running again.

Generator Replacement

If you have an older standby generator that is no longer functioning optimally or does not meet your current power needs, our team can help with generator replacement. We will assess your requirements and recommend a suitable replacement generator that fits your budget and energy needs. 

Our technicians will handle the removal of your old generator and the installation of the new one, ensuring a seamless transition. With a new standby generator, you can have confidence in the reliability of your backup power system.

What Are the Advantages of a Standby Generator Over a Portable Generator?

While portable generators can provide temporary power during an outage, standby generators offer several advantages for homeowners:

  1. Automatic Operation: Standby generators are permanently installed and connected to your home’s electrical system. They are designed to start automatically when a power outage occurs, providing immediate backup power without the need for manual intervention.
  2. Whole Home Power: Standby generators are capable of powering your entire home, including essential appliances, HVAC systems, and electronics. This ensures that your family can continue to live comfortably during a power outage.
  3. Seamless Transition: With a standby generator, there is no need to manually connect appliances or extension cords. The automatic transfer switch seamlessly switches the power source from the grid to the generator, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted power supply.
  4. Fuel Convenience: Standby generators are typically powered by natural gas or liquid propane, which eliminates the need for refueling. They are connected to a continuous fuel supply, ensuring that they can run for an extended period without interruption.

Our Generator Installation Process

At Central Oregon Heating, we follow a streamlined process to ensure a smooth and efficient generator installation:

Our technicians will visit your home to assess your electrical needs and determine the appropriate size and type of generator for your requirements. Based on the assessment, we will provide you with a detailed recommendation, including the generator model, fuel type, and any additional components required.

Our skilled technicians will handle the installation process, ensuring that your generator is properly connected to your electrical system and meets all safety standards. Once the installation is complete, we will conduct thorough testing to ensure that your generator is functioning optimally and ready to provide backup power when needed.

What Should I Consider When Installing a Whole Home Generator?

When installing a whole home generator, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Power Requirements: Determine which appliances and systems you want to power during an outage to calculate the required generator size.
  2. Fuel Type: Choose between natural gas and liquid propane based on availability and convenience.
  3. Location: Select a suitable location for your generator installation, considering factors such as noise level, accessibility, and proximity to fuel sources.
  4. Permits and Codes: Ensure compliance with local regulations and obtain any necessary permits for generator installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whole Home Generators

How do standby generators work? Standby generators are permanently installed backup power systems that automatically start and provide electricity during a power outage.

Can I install a standby generator myself? It is recommended to hire a professional to install a standby generator to ensure proper installation and compliance with safety codes.

How long can a standby generator run? Standby generators can run for an extended period, depending on the fuel supply and the generator’s capacity.

What is an automatic transfer switch? An automatic transfer switch is a device that detects a power outage and automatically switches the power source from the grid to the generator.

Can standby generators be powered by natural gas? Yes, standby generators can be powered by natural gas or liquid propane, depending on the availability and preference of the homeowner.

Whole House Generator Installation Near You

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