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Water Treatment

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First-Rate Water Treatment Services in Bend & Redmond, OR

Central Oregon Heating proudly offers Water Treatment services to homeowners in Bend, Redmond, and all of Central Oregon.

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We Can Help Improve Your Water

Most homeowners believe their water supply is clean and safe but pursue additional measures to ensure their home’s system is in the best possible condition. At Central Oregon Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we provide state-of-the-art water treatment solutions to help your family avoid sickness, skin and hair issues, mineral buildup, and other benefits.

Our convenient water treatment services in Bend & Redmond, Oregon, offer peace of mind and increased safety and cleanliness of your water supply. See how the team with over 30 years of experience can supply unparalleled options that never exceed your budget. Give us a call to book an appointment!

Common Contaminants in Bend & Redmond, Oregon, Water Supplies

Although public water systems do a good job of treating contaminants in the water supply, several more enter as they pass through the pipes and reach your home. As a result, you could experience discolored, foul-smelling, and strange-tasting water with mineral buildup. The number of pollutants and unwanted substances in your home’s water supply may surprise you and could include the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Bacteria
  • Bleach
  • Calcium
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Manganese
  • Mercury
  • Sewage seepage
  • Pesticides
  • And much more

The idea of drinking water with the above substances or using it for bathing, cleaning, and more is alarming. That’s why you should consider exploring your options for water treatment services in Bend, Oregon; this way, you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

What Water Treatment System Options Does Our Business Offer?

We offer valuable water treatment services in Bend & Redmond, Oregon, for fair prices. Our service technicians can install and repair these systems and may recommend one or more to improve the water quality in your Bend home. Three of our most popular options for cleaner water include:

  • Water Softeners: You might enjoy installing a water softener within your property if your showers leave your skin and hair dry, itchy, and uncomfortable. Other signs of hard water include scale buildup in your bathroom and spots on your dishware after cleaning. Decrease the amount of buildup in your water, and experience cleaner, safer water with one of our softener solutions.
  • Water Purifiers: Experience healthier, better-tasting water with less bacteria, heavy metals, and chlorine. Investing in a water purification system can mean installing a reverse-osmosis system, carbon filtering, or something else. Ask us about your options!
  • Water Filtration Systems: A water filtration system for your whole home does the best job of stopping contaminants from getting into your tap water. Every faucet will supply clean, safe water by carefully removing a wide range of chemicals, particulates, and more.

In addition, we can provide you with water testing services. Scheduling an appointment for water testing can help you determine the best treatment options, showing you which contaminants have the greatest presence in your water supply. You can see how safe your water truly is, then get personalized recommendations from our team for which choices to pursue. We’re happy to help you experience safe and clean water!

Receive professional advice and recommendations from the team that’s served Bend, Oregon, since 1993. We work hard to keep members of the community as safe and healthy as possible and believe having a clean water supply is a major part of that. Treating your water can make your plumbing system run better for years to come and protect your loved ones from utilizing unsafe water.

Do You Need Bend & Redmond, OR, Water Treatment Services?

Numerous water problems give Bend and Redmond homeowners trouble, such as white scale, rust, and black water buildup. You could have abnormally high levels of manganese, iron, calcium, and more. No matter the issue, Central Oregon Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can figure out the best possible treatment option to specifically target the most problematic contaminants, keeping your budget and needs in mind.

Experience Healthy, Clean, and Great-Tasting Water with Our Team’s Help in Bend & Redmond, Oregon

With everything that you might find in your water supply, there has never been a better time to test and improve your water quality. Our business carries filtration products from the top brands and tests the effectiveness of all systems we install. We’ll arrive on time to your service appointment and guarantee incredible customer service, evident through many of our five-star reviews from past clients.

Are you ready to schedule one of our water treatment services in Bend & Redmond, Oregon? We have convenient booking options either through our site or by phone. Call us today at 541-246-7223 for more information, or request a service appointment online.

Give us a call today at 541-246-7223 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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