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Fireplace Installation

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Fireplace Installation and Repair in Bend, Oregon

Central Oregon Heating Proudly Offers Fireplace Installation Services To Homeowners in Bend, Oregon and The Surrounding Areas.

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Why Residents of Bend, Oregon, Love Our Fireplaces

If you’ve dreamed of a functional indoor fireplace, you came to the right place! Our team at Central Oregon Heating provides fireplace installation and repair in Bend, Oregon. Our services keep rooms warm, homey, and inviting even on the coldest nights of the year. 

Homeowners in Bend, Oregon, turn to us when they prepare their homes for the winter weather. As the holidays draw nearer, our customers look forward to sparking their fireplaces to create the perfect backdrop for warm, fond memories. We gladly assist by providing comprehensive fireplace services to enrich their homes as the snow falls. 

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Perks of a Fireplace

When you picture your new fireplace, you envision family and friends gathering around its glowing ambiance, enjoying homemade snacks, laughing, and telling stories. You’ll hold these beautiful memories in the making dear for years to come. But fireplaces offer even more advantages that you’ll appreciate daily. 

For example, a fireplace offers a fantastic supplemental heating solution. As chilly autumn weather approaches, you may not want to heat the entire house just for comfort. Your fireplace can warm up one section of your home, allowing you to turn off your HVAC system and conserve energy. On cooler nights, you can set your HVAC system to a lower temperature while the fireplace keeps one area significantly warmer. 

You’ll enjoy other perks, including: 

  • An environmentally friendly heating option for energy conservation
  • Added property value
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • User-friendliness
  • Safer modern options that don’t emit toxic fumes

Our Fireplace Products

We carry and install several products that will fit your current fireplace or make the conversion process much easier and more affordable. Our inventory consists of:

  • Fireplace inserts for heating smaller spaces and converting old fireplaces
  • Gas logs for seamless conversion and ambient heating
  • Electric fireplaces for homeowners who want to forgo gasfitting
  • Gas fireplaces for genuine, clean-burning flames
  • Accessories such as doors, surrounds, and pokers

You’ll find exactly what you need to complete your fireplace when you shop with us. We focus on products that make fireplace conversion and installation easy, convenient, and hassle-free.  

Fireplace Installation Services

After you contact us about having a gas fireplace installed, one of our technicians will arrive at your home to inspect the old fireplace, discuss your options, and provide a quote on the service. Then, we’ll schedule a day to complete the installation process. Most gas fireplace installations only take one day. 

We’ll start by preparing the space. We clean the area and remove all fixtures that might get in the way. Then, we’ll connect the gas and electrical fixtures needed to make the magic happen. Finally, we’ll inspect and test the connections to ensure the security and safety of all components. Then, you can enjoy your new and improved fireplace! 

Fireplace Repair Services 

Like other household appliances, fireplaces require occasional patches and part replacements. Our fireplace installation and repair in Bend, Oregon, covers these issues. We’ll inspect and troubleshoot the fireplace connections first. 

Once we identify the issue, we’ll execute one of the following solutions accordingly:

  • Key valve replacement
  • Burner system repair
  • Sand level adjustments
  • Pilot light repair and cleaning
  • Burner repair and replacement
  • Ignition repair and replacement
  • Grate replacement

Most fireplace issues have fairly simple fixes. You should still call us as soon as you notice something amiss. Gas fireplaces can develop dangerous gas leaks and threaten your family’s and pets’ health. 

Fireplace Maintenance Services

Some homeowners think gas or electric fireplaces don’t need maintenance because they don’t create ash and soot. However, fireplaces still need annual inspections and maintenance services at a minimum. Our maintenance services begin with a brief inspection to ensure all components work properly. 

Then, our technician will clean certain pieces, like pilot lights, gas logs, and other parts responsible for ignition. These pieces can collect soot and dust, which prevent them from working properly. 

If you have a chimney connected to your fireplace, consider chimney sweep and inspection services. This way, you can make sure that everything is functioning as it should.

Choose Central Oregon Heating Fireplace Installation and Repair in Bend, Oregon, for a Relaxing Home Hearth

Ready to explore fireplace installation and repair in Bend, Oregon? Our technicians at Central Oregon Heating will help you get started! Call 541-246-7223 to explore our products and installation options today. We’re ready to help.

Give us a call today at 541-246-7223 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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