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Hydro Jetting

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Hydro Jetting Services in Bend & Redmond, Oregon

Central Oregon Heating Proudly Offers Hydro Jetting Services To Homeowners in Bend, Oregon and The Surrounding Areas.

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An Eco-Friendly Way To Eliminate Clogs

Sometimes, old clogs behave like unwanted guests who have overstayed their welcome. No amount of poking and prodding makes them dislodge and take leave. You might successfully eliminate just enough material for water to flow through your drain again, but you’ll eventually face the same recurring clog in a day or a week.

Our licensed plumbers at Central Oregon Heating have a surefire solution that removes clogs for good. We recommend scheduling hydrojetting services in Bend, Oregon, to fully clean your plumbing system.

Call 541-246-7223 to make stubborn clogs a thing of the past with our hydrojetting services. 

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

A water jetting service works much like a pressure washing service. We use similar equipment to deep clean your drains and pipes. The intense water pressure easily dislodges clumps of hair, grease, food particles, soap, and other objects stuck inside your drain.

A hydrojetting machine consists of three major parts:

  • A powerful compressor
  • A hose that can reach deep within your plumbing system
  • A nozzle designed specifically for hydrojetting tasks

Water travels to the nozzle through the compressor and hose. The nozzle sprays the water out at an intense pressure to loosen and force built-up debris out of the affected drain.

What Happens During a Hydro Jetting Service?

When you schedule this service with us, we’ll dispatch a professional plumber to your location at the scheduled time. Once our plumber arrives, they’ll start by inspecting your drain lines with a camera designed to maneuver through the narrow pipes. The inspection helps us pinpoint the clog’s exact location.

We’ll also learn more about the clog’s contents and can better gauge what pressure level to use. After locating the clog, we’ll prepare the hydrojetting machine. Our plumber will pull the hose to the drain and insert the nozzle.

We’ll then set the water pressure and turn on the water. The water blast cleans pipes by loosening and eliminating the offending debris stuck inside your drain. Hydrojetting services in Bend, Oregon, offer a simple, chemical-free solution.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting Services in Bend & Redmond, Oregon

Besides removing troublesome clogs, does hydrojetting offer any other benefits? We’ve identified a few below:

  • Hydrojetting machines have more power than manual drain-cleaning methods like drain snakes or plungers. Instead of relying on the force applied by a person, the machine creates immense pressure and guarantees success.
  • If you want an affordable, speedy solution, look no further than hydrojetting. This service usually only takes a few minutes to complete. Its simplicity and speed make it cost-effective.
  • This method works for most drains and types of clogs. We can use it on toilets and sink drains. It effectively removes everything from hair to stubborn mineral deposits.

Plus, traditional drain-cleaning methods require that someone gets their hands dirty. Although we don’t mind handling the dirty work, pulling clogs out of the drain can allow bacteria to spread across surfaces. Since hydrojetting blasts the clog and pushes it down the pipes, it doesn’t expose your home to wastewater germs.

Signs You Need Hydrojetting Services

Could you benefit from our hydrojetting services? If you’ve fought a losing battle against clogged sinks or tub drains, you might need one of our plumbers to bring in the heavy artillery. Especially stubborn clogs can cause the following issues:

  • Drain snakes and plungers just don’t work effectively.
  • Water drains slowly no matter what you do.
  • Your drains make bubbling or gurgling sounds as water flows through them.
  • You constantly have a clog catastrophe to handle at home.
  • Your drains emit unpleasant smells.
  • Wastewater has backed up into your plumbing fixtures.

These issues can pose serious health risks if left unchecked. A professional plumber can get your drainage system back in working order.

Should You Use Other Methods?

As a homeowner, you want the most convenient, cost-effective method to handle plumbing problems. You might think that one more dose of liquid drain cleaner will solve the problem. Before you pour it down the drain, consider how these products work.

Store-bought drain cleaners contain extremely harsh chemicals. They work by eating away at the buildup. But they don’t just dissolve the clog; they also affect your pipes.

Liquid drain cleaners are incredibly corrosive. You should use them as little as possible to protect your drainage system. Otherwise, you could have more expensive and time-consuming repairs on your hands.

Choose Better Drain-Cleaning Methods with Our Team

Hydrojetting services in Bend, Oregon, are safe, effective, and affordable. Instead of reaching for the drain cleaning liquid, reach for your phone and call Central Oregon Heating at 541-246-7223.

Give us a call today at 541-246-7223 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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