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Outdoor Plumbing

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Create an Oasis With Outdoor Plumbing in Bend & Redmond, Oregon

Central Oregon Heating Proudly Offers Outdoor Plumbing Services To Homeowners in Bend, Oregon and The Surrounding Areas.

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We’ve Offered Outstanding Service for Decades

As a homeowner, you have to think about outdoor plumbing in addition to your indoor plumbing. Whether you want to upgrade your outdoor space by adding water access like a sink or your garden fixture has damage from years of use, Central Oregon Heating can take care of your outdoor plumbing in Bend, Oregon.

You don’t have to endure the outdated outdoor plumbing left by the previous owners of your home. We will work with you to install water access exactly where you need it and to repair any signs of damage to your existing outdoor plumbing.

Garden Spigot Installation and Repair

Watering your garden can be a hassle if the spigot is on the opposite side of the house. When watering your garden is a chore, you are less likely to invest time into caring for your plants every day.

We can solve your outdoor plumbing problems by installing a new spigot exactly where you need it. You won’t have to spend time dragging a hose around your yard or filling up a watering can repeatedly in order to give your plants an extra boost of hydration.

If you have an existing spigot that has cracks or other signs of damage, we can replace the damaged part so you can water your garden efficiently.

Outdoor Kitchen Plumbing

There’s nothing like spending an afternoon entertaining in your outdoor kitchen. The more time you spend outside, the more you need to access plumbing to make your space more comfortable.

Without outdoor plumbing in Bend, Oregon, you will spend half the time running inside to use the sink or get ice. Custom outdoor plumbing systems complete your outdoor kitchen and allow you to enjoy your outdoor oasis to the fullest.

Sprinkler System Maintenance

A sprinkler system is a great way to water your lawn evenly without daily effort on your part. As winter temperatures transition into spring, test out your sprinkler system to identify damage that may have occurred while it wasn’t in use.

It’s not unusual for a sprinkler system to spring a leak, especially if you’ve had it for several years. We can locate the leak and repair the damaged area with minimal damage to your lawn in the process. Calling a plumber before the peak summer season will allow us to come to your home quickly, as opposed to waiting until summer hits and we’re overrun with maintenance calls.

If you recently installed a new sprinkler system, we can make sure you have access to a waterline, and we will install it correctly to ensure there are no water leaks.

Sewer Line Repair

Not every plumbing issue happens inside your home. A clogged sewer line could cause a pipe to burst outside. If you notice standing water in your yard without recent rainfall, you may need outdoor plumbing repair to fix the problem before it grows larger.

Outdoor Shower Service

Outdoor showers give you the feeling of a tropical vacation right on your own property. Because they are outside, the drain easily becomes clogged with fallen leaves and other debris, especially in the fall and winter when you don’t use it very often, if at all. A professional plumber has the tools to safely remove all debris from the drain and ensure your outdoor shower is in good working order.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

You may save a few dollars by hiring an unlicensed handyperson for various jobs around your property, but that’s not a good idea when it comes to plumbing service. If you neglect to hire a licensed plumber, they likely do not have the training necessary to keep your plumbing up to code, and it could end up costing you more in the long run if their subpar work causes more damage.

Licensed and Insured Plumbing Service in Bend & Redmond, Oregon

Our professional plumbing service can maintain your existing outdoor system by repairing damage and clearing the drain in your outdoor shower. If you would like to elevate your outdoor space and make it more accessible as you entertain, we can install an outdoor sink, a water line for an ice maker, or any other plumbing you need.

We provide a quote for our plumbing services, and we have financing options for those who qualify. Fill out our online contact form or call Central Oregon Heating at 541-246-7223 to schedule a service appointment for your outdoor plumbing in Bend, Oregon, and the surrounding areas.

Give us a call today at 541-246-7223 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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